Pinan Shodan moves 18-20 application one

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The uchi-ude-uke sections. Uchi-uke is known by both names; uchi-uke and soto-uke by different styles, so the name is ambiguous. The alternative name uchi-ude-uke (inside to outside) is not ambiguous and should be used instead.

Simple arm up the back application: aka hammer lock.


Pinan Shodan 18 -> Pinan Shodan 19 -> Pinan Shodan 20


  1. Opponent grips your left lower forearm or wrist with his right arm.
  2. Bring right arm across right to left and grab the opponent's elbow or clothing at the elbow.
  3. Rotate back across to the right, pulling the opponent round, rotating him anti-clockwise.
  4. The hikite pulling the left hand to the hip frees it from the opponent's grip.
  5. Kick the back of the knee on the opponent's right leg and push down. This brings him to knee level.
  6. Because you haven't moved your arm, pressure on his shoulder will cause him to bend forward.
  7. The "punch" just thrusts his arm up his back.