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Content disclaimer[edit]

The material in this wiki is provided freely and while we do attempt to make sure the material in this wiki is correct and legal, it's possible there may be errors and omissions, it's also possible copyrighted material has been uploaded in error. If you find such an error or omission, please simply correct it. If you find copyrighted material which has been added or uploaded in error, again you can rectify the error immediately but please also indicate in the edit log the reason for the change.

Applicability and safety disclaimer[edit]

There are also no guarantees that any of the methods described in this wiki will work for you. There is also no guarantee that the methods you find here will not harm you physically, mentally or emotionally. Martial arts are skills which are inherently dangerous, can take years of practise to learn and therefore should always be practised in the presence of and under the supervision of experienced practitioners.