Pinan Godan moves 22-23 application one

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Defense against a kick and a takedown/throw and mirror image of the previous drill. Note that the shito-ryu and wado-ryu versions of this particular sequence are done at 45° while the shorin-ryu and shotokan are done to the front.


Pinan Godan 22 -> Pinan Godan 23


  1. Opponent stands in front of you and kicks with his left leg.
  2. The up stroke of the gedan-barai to the front with the right arm catches his leg and passes it to the left which begins to hoist it up and pulls the opponent towards you. The heian variant of the kata emphasises the scooping and catching movement with the nukite.
  3. At this point the opponent's left leg is caught in your left arm at the knee.
  4. The down stroke of the gedan-barai pushes the opponent backwards over your front leg.
  5. You retain his knee when on the ground.
  6. The clockwise body rotation as you step back to hachiji-dachi will put pressure on the still locked knee joint of the opponent on the ground.